Everything is bigger in Texas, including the barbecue! Austin boasts so much good barbecue that it’s hard to pick a favorite spot! Whether you enjoy the old-school salt-and-pepper rubs or the post-oak-smoke on a piece of brisket there is a barbecue spot for everyone! The following are some of the top barbecue joints in town. 

LeRoy and Lewis

Located in South Austin, this new-school barbecue truck is making waves with its unique approach to smoked meats. Evan LeRoy chooses alternative cuts from local producers to give his customers the most tender, flavorful meat they can eat! He then loads them up with impressive sides and rotating daily specials. They’ve also recently started serving breakfast bagels made with bagels from Rosen’s Bagel Co and topping them with funky schmears like chopped brisket or jalapeño popper cream cheese!

Micklethwait Craft Meats

Over the past three years, the founders of Micklethwait have been paying homage to old-school Texas barbecue but innovating it enough to turn the heads of barbecue traditionalists. Their brisket pops with fat, and post-oak smoke and the pork spare ribs have just the right amount of pull off the bone! Micklethwait also offers foodies pulled goat, barbacoa, and their award-winning beef rib. Top your meal off with cheese grits, and you won’t go home hungry!


Located in West Campus, Freedmen’s is a contender in the debate for the best brisket in town. Freedmen’s offers killer cocktails, juicy smoked brisket, homemade sausage. They also serve weekend brunch that is the cure for any hangover. Their Texas-sized Bloody Mary with whiskey is topped with a slab of brisket, pork rib and a hunk of sausage!

Franklin Barbecue

If you’ve ever walked down East 11th Street at 2 AM and smelled meat smoking, it’s safe to say Aaron Franklin is in the kitchen prepping meat for the day. The James Beard-winning chef is known for his blackened “burnt ends” and his meat that cooks low and slow to maintain its juiciness. 

Kerlin BBQ

The husband and wife team at Kerlin BBQ go against the grain with their brisket smoking! While most pitmasters follow the low-and-slow method, Bill and Amaris Kerlin smoke their meat on high heat for a shorter amount of time. Cooking it quicker gives it a crispier, darker bark and the meat is more tender because it retains its moisture. The BBQ trailer can be found in East Cesar Chavez and offers diners plenty of outdoor seating!