Dusty Olson

Wife|Mother|Small Business Owner

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Follow along as Dusty writes about her life in Texas, her family, and all the things that make her smile.

Dusty Olson is a Texas-based mom, former educator, and state Senate legislative staff who stops at nothing to pursue her goals. Her current career path led her to help small businesses succeed, and she is deeply involved in all aspects of small business coaching. More than anything else in her professional career, Dusty was drawn to a career in entrepreneurship through her creative spirit, an unparalleled drive, and a strong background in education, business, and legislation.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes motivation and drive. Dusty Olson has a wide variety of hobbies and pursues them in full force outside of her highly fulfilling professional responsibilities. Growing up in Texas almost guarantees a lifelong passion for the outdoors and Dusty is no exception. Mrs. Olson has fond memories of fishing, shooting, and learning archery with her family and strives to continue those traditions with her husband and children.

Family, above all else, is Dusty Olson’s passion. Ever since she was little, she always dreamed of getting married and starting a family. During college he married her husband and after she graduated they started a family together. Every spare second Mrs. Olson has she spends with her family whether that is out exploring new areas of Texas, volunteering, or teaching them her favorite hobbies. One of the most important aspects of her life that she has passed on to her children is a passion for giving back to the community. Dusty has always volunteered throughout her life and remains an active volunteer to this day. Her favorite charity to assist is the Junior League of Austin where she serves as a Zachary Scott Theater usher.

To date, Dusty Olson has earned a B.A, MBA and completed summer programs to further her education from a variety of institutions in Texas and abroad. Dusty graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Edward’s University with a degree in Education and later graduated from Concordia University with a 4.0 in her Master’s of Business Administration. Mrs. Olson even completed a summer program in Criminal Psychology at the University of Cambridge.

While she began her career in education, she by no means limited herself to one field. Dusty Olson spent many years with the Austin Independent School District where she customized school curriculums to cater to many different learning types. While her work positively impacted countless students, she moved on to further her career at the Texas Senate where she held the position of Legislative Staff. She was heavily involved with all aspects of administration, operations, and research to assist the legislators. Ultimately, Dusty decided to follow her entrepreneurial dreams and founded a business where she buys, sells, and assists small businesses. Mrs. Olson’s newest company is ATX Gives Back, which provides a personalized shirt to a child in need in Austin, Texas for every item purchased.

The company offers custom monogrammed apparel and accessories such as backpacks and towels to companies and individuals. Her work allows her to help other businesses succeed and allows her the opportunity to express her creativity while following her passion for helping others as much as possible.

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